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The 6 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying Rental Helmets

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Are you contemplating improving customer experience by purchasing new helmets?

I often get the comment

“Simon, we wish we had purchased FASTLINE'S helmets, the ones we got just don't cut the mustard!"

Track owners are often seduced by the low cost helmets without fully understanding the consequences.

Cheap helmets are cheap for a reason!

They may be discontinued, so you don't get the pick of sizes you require and when you want to top up, they are unavailable, or worse they may be made from recycled materials!

Often spare parts are almost the same cost as the helmet or you must wait six weeks for them (if they have spares at all).

So, to help you decide what helmet to purchase and whom to purchase from, ask these six questions.

1. Are the helmets certified (check with authorities and your insurer)?

2. Are they a stock item and what are your stock levels?

3. What are the prices of visors and clips?

4. Whats your stock of visors and clips?

5. What type of fastening mechanism do they have?

6. Do they have large size stickers front and rear for easy identification?

Or if you want a simple hassle-free experience just chose one of our rental helmets.

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