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Here's a helping hand 🧤

It would seem that things are getting back to normal again.

At least here in the UK they are.

That's why we are getting more inquiries about gloves

In particular reusable communal gloves.

Tracks, it seems, aren’t so interested in our standard PU gloves.

"More grip", they cried.

Something like the dot gloves we have done in the past but, "NOT in white Simo".

The white gloves get dirty quickly and even before the third wash... they don’t look so good.

Obvious really with all the soot, rubber and dust floating about your track.

But, recall the death stares you get from mum when you hand little Johnny a pair of dirty white gloves!

Well we have got your white glove problem sorted!

Introducing black polka dot gloves.

They come in two sizes Kids and Adults, just like our PU gloves

They are perfect for stopping those death stares from Johnny's mum.

Now, before you hit reply to this email, I want you to consider an idea for making your gloves at the track work for you.

I've also found a way to reduce your costs AND increase the efficiency.

You see the only gloves out in the market place were single sided.

Which means the marshals spend ages trying to find left and right gloves to pair up!

When you are talking about 300 pairs of gloves at a time to pair up this takes time and you’ll always get the odd pair that are both right handed gloves.

The only task I know is harder than that is pairing up our families’ socks after they have been washed.

That leads to a poor customer experience and an inefficiency of time down at your track that you could do without.

Well fear not, we have that sorted too with our new ambidextrous criss cross gloves

Ambi what?

Ambidextrous that’s the technical term for a glove that will fit on your right hand or your left hand!

No marshal will get the pairing of these wrong and 300 will be done in no time.

And no more bewildered customers who received two right handed gloves!

You mentioned cost savings as well as efficiency?

Well as it’s school holidays and people are getting a little price sensitive over all this inflation and the pending recession, I’m going to give you 9.4% off (the UK rate of inflation) off the ambidextrous gloves.

That means you save on inflationary costs plus also benefit from efficiencies down at your track.

And Johnny's mum will give this offer a thumbs up too!

Now if you've been watching Ed and my videos on YouTube you will know every great offer should have a deadline.

This offer is available till midnight Wednesday 31st of August 2022, or until our current stock runs out.

Cost savings always help out, but the time saved is also a big deal trackside too - your marshals will applaud you for the new gloves!

Grab your new ambidextrous gloves with both hands to save 9.4% on costs while stocks last, and I'll include our kids PU range in that offer too.

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