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Stop Wasting Money on Helmets!

Whether you own a big go-karting track and are looking to make a mass order, or just need a few replacement parts, there are quite a few compelling reasons why Fastline is the best place to shop for helmets.

Besides being one of the leading suppliers of products and parts for karting, quad biking and activity centres in the UK, Australia, North America and Europe, we truly care about helping businesses, like yours, run smoothly, effectively and more importantly, safely.

On the track, safeguarding the wellbeing and health of your customers is of the utmost importance. And as a starting point, this attention to detail and peace of mind starts with supplying the very best helmets to drivers.

To give you a better understanding of what kind of benefits you can enjoy with our selection of modified Fastline karting helmets, we’ve put together a few core reasons why you should be using them.


Priced from only £35.54, both our Fastline DD and Fastline Ratchet helmets offer great value if you’re looking to kit your track out with a number of entrylevel helmets.

As time goes on, many of the visors on a helmet will break due to general wear and tear.

On a regular helmet from eBay or a well-known wholesaler, visors can cost nearly as much as the helmet itself to replace. This makes it almost pointless.

However, if you needed to replace a visor on a Fastline helmet, it would only cost you £9.95. Better yet, we hold large stocks of these replacement visors, so we can get them to you from our UK warehouse far quicker than any wholesaler.


What makes our helmets so competitively priced and even more appealing to tracks is their actual features. From the design to the finer detail, our Fastline helmets give you the starting point to improve your customer experience.

For starters, the simple addition of the front and back size stickers on the helmet makes it easy for drivers to locate their perfect size without a fuss.

Previously, you may have operated by using a colour code. But with drivers so eager to get out on the track, trying to decipher which helmet fits them only creates an annoyance.

Our range of Fastline helmets also come in a greater variant of sizes than other entry-level

ones as well.

Starting from XXS and going up to 3XL, it’ll allow your track to have a perfect range to keep customers comfortable and safe at all times.

Another common frustration usually occurs because of the state of the lining in the helmet. In the warmer months both in the UK and abroad, drivers naturally get very sweaty out on the track. And as time goes on, these sponge linings start to attract unwanted smells and make for an uncomfortable experience.

The good news is that with the Fastline DD and Ratchet helmets, you can simply remove the lining inside and pop them in the washing machine. Again, these finer details will make a big difference when it comes to the overall customer experience.


The individual safety aspects of the Fastline DD and Ratchet helmets are also extremely noteworthy as well. For instance, the two variants are only different due to their fastening mechanisms.

The DD uses two D shape rings to pull the strap through, which makes it easier for race marshals to securely put a helmet on a customer.

While the ratchet acts like a ski buckle, containing a spring that keeps it locked in. This option is usually a bit easier for drivers to put on themselves.

All in all, both of these options have safety and convenience in mind for both your track and drivers alike.

However, one of the biggest safety ‘game changers’ can be witnessed in our new Fastline Outdoor Helmet.

Priced and containing similar features to the regular DD and Ratchet range, there’s one distinct difference from its sister products...


Granted, this may not seem like a big deal, but when you consider the safety of your drivers, it really is revolutionary.

Most helmets are usually black, grey, silver, white or contain a little splash of colour. However, our new Outdoor one comes in bright yellow.

And when you consider what colour the tyres, karts and surrounding walls are at a track, yellow certainly isn’t one of them.

Unlike your regular coloured helmets, our yellow Outdoor one will make it easy for track marshals to locate drivers racing around at night.

You see, our eyes can play tricks on us when there are too many matching colours and things are moving fast around us. This can result in a race marshal making unnecessary mistakes when locating a driver’s whereabouts or preventing them from driving dangerously.

This ‘game-changing’ helmet is effectively like sticking a Wally in a flamboyant outfit in a Where’s Wally book – instantly making everything easy to locate.

But whichever Fastline helmet you choose, you can rest assured it's been through the stringest tests required for ECE certification.

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