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Your Mechanics New Six best Friends

It's that time again to reveal our next range of products in our £25K Challenge!

What the hell is Project £25K?

Well over the next 12 months we are going to source 25 new products that will save you around £1,000 per year. 25 products saving you £25K per year.

That makes your mechanic cost neutral!

This week we launch our new lubricant range.

Over the past couple of months we have struggled to get stock of certain lubricants and when we did they were often at inflated prices.

That’s precisely why we decided it was the right time to launch our own line of Fastline Lubricants.

We looked at the top performing lubricants and with a bunch of forensic chemists, we uncovered the chemical formulas. Then we tweaked it to better suit the rigours of rental karting and quad biking.

Not only are they better suited to your engines and parts, but the range of premium lubricants are also available at pre-pandemic pricing levels.

That’s better performance, less wear and tear and more longevity between services and maintenance – no wonder we call them your mechanics new six best friends. (Although your bank manager will love them too!)

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