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Merchandise Helmets Can Help Drive your Revenue Growth

Selling helmets is a great way of increasing customer spend. Regulars and your kids club members are great potential candidates.

Entry level graphic helmets are generally your best sellers, but some customers will want something a little more premium. The price points that work best are £55, £89 and £100.

There are plenty of ways to sell them. You can display them on your counter and incentivise the staff to upsell them.

Some of our customers have had great success by selling white helmets to stag groups and providing permanent markers for people to sign and offer as a memento to the stag/hen.

Others build the cost of the helmet into their race club cost and give them away to participants.

If you are selling packages like ten sessions, then you can give them away as an incentive.

Why not give away a helmet to the fastest lap of the month.

Many of our customers have found giving/selling a helmet acts as a constant reminder of the fun they had karting and they get more repeat business because of this.

Merchandise helmets are a great source of extra revenue, provide a special experience for your regulars and encourage your customers to keep coming back.

Why not book a call with me to discuss the options and how Fastline can help you

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