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How would you like $1.8 million in additional revenue?

I was reviewing the list of attendees for the Karting Spectacular the other day and I was struck by the number of people who attended the last Spectacular are coming again.

In fact 90% of past attendees have already purchased tickets for the event in January.

90% of past attendees coming back is no small feat.

There must be something they know that others do not.

It got me thinking what did they get from the last one that has enticed them to book again.

And what will the people not coming miss out on?

So I thought I’d ring the person who had travelled the most distance and spent the most money to get to the last Spectacular and ask them what did they come away with from the last Spectacular and what was it worth to them.

Frankly I was shocked at his response!

Sure I knew he was doing well but did not realise he was doing THAT WELL!

I recorded the conversation so you can hear for yourself what he said

So if you want a result like what Aaron got from the Karting Spectacular then you need to grab a ticket.

Getting a ticket is easy


Call +44 (0)1276 297 38

or send an email to with "count me in for Dortmund"

or visit


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