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I Want to Help You Pay For Your Mechanic

"Simo have you gone completely BONKERS"

Not at all, just hear me out.

How would you like an extra £25,000 on your bottom line?

Most people would

Think about it....

It would cover the wage of your mechanic

Inflation is hitting height's we have not seen since platform shoes and flares were in fashion

So I thought what can Fastline do to ease some of this.

and that's when we came up with the £25k Project.

We are going to source around 25 products that will save you about a grand each over the next 12 months.

That's kind of cool.

we are kicking it off with two new products that customers have requested.

Check out the video we made.

and to help you out here are the direct links to these products.

Each month we will be releasing new products to help you save

If there is a particular product you think your paying too much for then let me or the team know and we can look at putting that on our list.

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