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The Longest Track and The Fastest Karts....Wait, That's it?

It happens every time. Whenever we strike up a conversation with a track owner at an event or expo, they all claim the same thing.

"We've got the fastest karts!" they roar.

"We've got the longest track!"

And every time we wait with baited breath, silently pleading with them to brag about the

final, arguably most important element of the racing experience - but they never do.

Here at Fastline we're huge proponents of the 'racing experience'. Hearing people talk about

karting like the karts or the track are the sole important factors doesn't quite sit right. The karts facilitate the experience, and if they're really fast - great! The track also facilitates the experience, and if it's long and well designed - great! But all that can be undone in a tenth of a second if you don't have the best crew.

The staff at a race track - from the receptionist, to the mechanics, to the cleaners - are the key to transforming the experience from 'okay' to 'out of this world!' Unfortunately, it has become too easy for racing venues to do the bare minimum on the strength of the speed of their karts, the quality of their track, or even just their prime location. Customers feel less like cool racing drivers and more like cadets at a military boot camp, having safety regulations and house rules barked at them while they wrestle with an old race suit that should have been retired three seasons ago.

But all this can change if your staff are switched-on and well-incentivised, because so many other quality of life changes fall into place. Happy staff want to improve the experience and are more willing to share their ideas about how to make the experience better.

Your race marshals stop being content with scrappy old race flags and short nods to the drivers and instead start campaigning for fresh flags, ceremonial starts and even race commentary!

Your front-of-house staff smile more, go the extra mile to facilitate unusual group bookings,

or help in other areas.

Inventory management is a huge area where most racing venues can improve. The thrill and

excitement of racing can so easily be ruined if racers are given old dirty race suits and wet

helmets that haven't been dried out properly. The long term gains in reputation, feedback and

revenue are easily worth the investment - and every little helps!

We want race venues to thrive, and we want the experiences at your tracks to be something

that customers want to repeat, and something they would happily recommend to friends and

family. But it doesn't matter if you have the fastest karts within 10 miles or 210 miles, if the

overall racing experience is compromised by things that you're convinced 'don't matter', your

business will suffer for it.

The new season is the perfect time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Ask yourself how you can improve your customers' racing experience, and give us a call to see how we can help. Let's work together to make 2022 a great year for racing, for everyone!

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