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How to Remove the Pain of Running Your Own Kart Track.

Over the last few weeks Ed and I have recorded a series of videos that provides a foundation for your business.

It also helps you assess where and what needs to be looked at when things go tit's up.

I'm pulling them together here so you can reference them at speed.

They are in a sensible order and they should be viewed in the order they were published.

If you've already seen any of these feel free to skip over.

Video 1. What type of business owner are you?

This video enables you to quickly work out what's under control and helps the realisation that it is possible to get out of the overwhelm

Video 2. The 3 foundations for simple business success.

An introduction to 3 strategic themes that form a string base for growth and / or scale.

and this weeks video

Video 3. Now you are aware of 3 foundational strategic themes for your business, here's how to tell if you need to revisit any areas of your business and, importantly, how to work out which area(s) would benefit from a bit of attention.

This stuff really works, Ed and I have been using it at Fastline and seen some impressive results.

Now there's nothing really new here except the framework and the frame work is what makes it super simple to identify your gaps.

but being simple does not mean it's easy

Till next week

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