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The biggest growth and social event in the karting track owners calendar.

The Karting Spectacular is Back.

There is a major karting event happening in Dortmund Germany in January 2023 that you need to be a part of. It’s the biggest business growth and social event in the karting track owners calendar that forces you to wildly boost your profits And you're invited What to expect:

  • A face off and race to find out who the fastest kart track on the planet is, could it be Fastline Group?

  • Networking with other track owners on the Thursday night

  • Hear presentations from industry professionals which will help you grow your business and get the best use from the latest tech.

  • Networking lunch on the Friday

  • Access to industry leaders and like minded track owners to solve your problems

  • An exclusive networking dinner on the Friday night

  • Invitation to the first ever International Karting Awards of Excellence after the dinner on Friday.

  • Tickets to the IKA Kart Show

  • Introductions to key industry suppliers at the IKA show

  • An invitation to the Best party in Dortmund on the Saturday night

  • Spanish and Swedish translation services

  • Access to reduced accommodation rates with our Triple B rated package included; that’s right you will get Beer, Bed and Breakfast if you book with us.

Watch the video for more information

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