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Find Out What The Biggest Downfall is at a Rental Kart Track

Strange things happen when you speak to a mechanic!

This week Ed & I chat with one of the Fastline Mechanics Academy's most prolific advice giver Ryan Pine.

I have recently hired Ryan as a technical adviser, he's been on my radar for years and is one of the original team of product testers for Fastline.

But Covid stuffed that up!

His knowledge of mechanics and how a kart works is amazing!

FFS he designed and built from the ground up a fleet of rental karts for a track in Australia (one of the most difficult markets to get a kart approved for rental use).

Ed & I had a chat with Ryan and what we heard was astounding!

He resonated many problems we had already heard from track owners.

But the difference was he had a solution (probably why I hired him).

He revealed a one of the biggest problems between Mechanics, Marshals and management!

Better yet he explains how he has solved that at a couple of the tracks he's worked at.


The biggest complaint from track owners answered!

The response to this video since it was launched has been amazing, it has been our best performing video in it's first two days by a long shot.

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