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Add on Activities Can Grow Your Revenues

Many of our customers are starting to bolt on more, varied activities to their kart track.

It could be laser tag, arcade games, or bowling the list really is endless.

But is this worth the hassle? Well the customers who have done this are reporting increased revenue.

One business increased turnover by 35%, 20% of the increase was linked to new activities and 15% was growth in kids karting. A direct result of attracting a different demographic.

The idea here is simple increase Average Customer Value (ACV) by keeping your customers in your venue longer spending at a constant rate.

Disney has been aware of this trick for many years but go kart centres are taking longer to catch on.

But there is also another benefit, it also encourages a different demographic and plays to the demand of families.

People these days are looking for an entertainment destination where different activities are located.

Simply taking on a coffee machine and pizza oven does little to encourage people to stay longer especially when Pizza Express is just done the road and have better coffee and pizza.

Do a little research, think about the demographic you want to attract and choose activities that will interest them. Look beyond your backyard.

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