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They're Not All Goody Two Sabots

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Hang on to your sabots!

In the 1800's Sabots were a wooden clog like shoe worn by French peasant workers.

Disgruntled workers would throw these sabots into machinery to interrupt production

and the word sabotage was born.

Now the sabots have been left well behind and replaced with trainers and workboots.

But sabotage is still alive and kicking in the workforce.

and it can cost your business a pretty penny.

it is reported that a single episode of serious employee sabotage can cost employers $250,000 or more in lost work time and legal expenses.

So Ed and I have decided to tackle that very subject in this weeks episode.

We point out the various types of employee sabotage and then provide a number of methods to avoid them.

Watch the video below.

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