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The 3 M's (This Ones a Biggie)

There is a lot of hype about content marketing and equally as much confusion. It took me a while to get my head around it, people rabbiting on about white papers and infographics, how the hell would that work for me?

I eventually nutted it out and have been getting some truly amazing results.

We don't see a lot of good examples in our industry, so I thought I’ld help out.

Lets start with the fundamentals - the 3 M’s




You need to know your target MARKET, understand what interests them and where they hang out?

Then you need to craft your MESSAGE in a meaningful way that will grab your targets attention.

Corporates want content around how you can assist with team building, case studies of successful events, photos, videos and testimonials work well and if you have video testimonials, boom that’s pure rocket fuel.

Hard core regulars want to hone their skills, so content around technical driving tips, such as the correct race line or how to accelerate out of a corner. Also offer a fiver off if they mention the article.

What MEDIUM to use?

Corporates are on Linkedin, gen X &Y are on facebook and Gen Z are on things like snapchat and twitter.

Don't forget video.

hope that helps

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