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Your face is not your feet.

Well durghhh yeah, obviously.

So tell me then, why do the sanitiser sprays say they work for everything from bowling balls and skates right through to karting helmets?

Shouldn't they be different?

Well, yes is our answer.

For a few simple but major reasons:

The bacteria on your face is typically different from those on your feet.

Heck, I don't know what some of the visitors get up to that visit your track but I want a sanitiser that is bespoke for the bacteria found on their face.

A sanitiser that niches to the conditions of a shared karting helmet.

Not only is it the bacteria that needs some thought though.

It's the materials it comes into contact with.

You see, these sanitisers get hawked round the leisure industry and as such there is no way to ensure they are safe for all the materials they contact with.

For instance, skates are made with real or faux leather or sometimes a plastic material. Bowling balls are made from a hard resin that picks up oil, grease and dust as it rolls around the lanes.

Those materials are all very different to the component materials found in a karting helmet.

The sanitiser you use should not deteriorate the integrity of a major piece of safety equipment.

Well, now that's all understood, it sounds expensive for a niche product?

But that'd be the wrong conclusion.

We specialise and stock karting specific equipment.

As such our buying power and contacts work relentlessly to produce low cast, high value products that maintain your track safety and increase your customer experience ratings.

After all, you don't want that foot in mouth (especially with all that bacteria) moment if a customer ever asks you what if the sanitiser you're using is specific to karting (even more so when it costs the same amount to to be fully compliant with safety)

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