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The best way a kart track can beat this recession

Well everyone's worried about the recession!

and you don't need to think that way.

If you pivot and twist you can set yourself up to come through the other side a winner!

We have had a lot of shit thrown our way in the last two years.

Probably more than any business person in 100 years or so.

but that does not mean we have to accept it.

Lets fight back!

we got through COVID

We got through the petrol crisis

We are getting through the logistics crisis

and we will get through the beer drought at the Qatar World Cup!

So lets say "sort this recession out!"

This week we look at the markets we can fish sustainably in during this economic glitch.

Click the video link below and enjoy.

PS - We have decided to have a super black Friday deal on the Karting Spectacular tickets if you purchase a ticket before midnight December 2nd 2022 you can get 20% of your ticket price back to spend on Fastline products.

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