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How Will Brexit Effect European Customer Orders

This is a really important post that just needs a couple of minutes to understand what's going on with importing into the EU from the UK. Unless you have been hibernating for the last 12 months you will be aware of the fact that the UK has now left the EU. Now Fastline is still offering quality products at competitive prices, delivered fast with customer service second to none. But you will notice some changes. To make sure everything goes smoothly and there are no surprises there are three things you need to know before organising your next shipment.

  1. We require more information from you in order for EU shipments to clear customs.

  2. There will be some fees you are required to pay on arrival of all EU shipments.

  3. There could be a delay in EU shipments transit time.

More information. We are now required to supply something called an EORI number, as well as your VAT number, for all shipments. An EORI Number stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification Number.

This number consists of two parts - a country code of the issuing country followed by a code or number that is unique to your business. If you wish to find out more about EORI Numbers click the button Below

You need an EORI number if you are in the EU Customs Union and are importing from a country outside of the EU (in this case the UK) Getting an EORI Number is simple.

You will need to contact your countries customs authorities. Here's the link to EU Member states Customs website so you can contact your customs authorities:

The process to obtain an EORI number varies across the EU. In some countries you can apply online and receive your number fairly quickly, others you need to fill out paperwork and take it to a customs office. Whilst the process is simple, this can take a matter of hours to weeks so it is best you get on top of this as soon as possible. We strongly advise that you obtain your EORI number and supply it to us before we ship your next order.

Fee’s Upon Arrival Once the goods arrive in your country you will be contacted by the courier and asked to pay the following fees:

  1. VAT at your countries normal rate – which you will be able to claim back.

  2. Duty on any goods which are manufactured outside of the UK or EU. This duty will vary from item to item but typically our kart parts and engine spare which are not manufactured in the EU or UK will attract about 4.5% duty. You will not be able to claim back this duty. Any goods produced in the UK or the EU will be free of duty.

  3. An administration fee each courier will charge an administration fee for the clearance of your goods this will cost around €15 or 2.5% of cost of goods (whichever is larger). These figures are an estimate only and may vary from country to country and across different couriers. If the shipment comes with FedEx we are being advised that if you pay by credit card this administration fee will be waived.

If you have a FedEx account and you provide us your FedEx account number we can associate this with your shipments and all additional fees will be placed on your FedEx account.

Transit Time Because a deal that was made in the eleventh hour all of the couriers are struggling to get up to date with these new processes which is causing delays in shipments.

This is easing already and getting back towards more normal timescales.

Our previous courier has proved to be absolutely hopeless under the new rules with only a 10% delivery success rate. With this in mind we have changed to FedEx for all our European shipments. While this is a much-improved service there will still be small delays caused by customs clearance.

Fastline is well positioned for these changes and in essence it is no different to shipping to any other part of the world and we have been shipping to 104 different countries for 15 years now. Although all these factors have added some small complexities and cost of ordering from Fastline, once you have your EORI number things will be smooth sailing.

OK the cost may have increased a little but, we are still able to provide you with great savings with competitively priced parts which last longer because they are manufactured for the rigours of rental karting. You are still better off by working with Fastline.

We are here to help your track grow and build healthy profits.

Of course, if you have any questions on the above please feel free to contact one of our team for assistance.

Thank you for continuing to order from Fastline and I look forward to catching up again soon.

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