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Run Around Sue (or Dave in this case)

So I had a call from a customer the other day, well actually I received several calls from him over the space of six hours.

He was ringing checking prices of items.

Not unusual, but he rang five or six times starting at 10am and finally resulted in an order at 4.15pm.

There were a couple of products left off the order that he had enquired about, so I asked 'what about those brake pads?'

He responded i got them 25p cheaper.

It worked out he had been calling several suppliers all day getting prices. He made four orders with different suppliers, I worked out he saved about £5.75 over his total order and that's not factoring in shipping.

I asked what his hourly wage was and he responded he was the owner.

Wow six hours sourcing products you can get from one supplier for a savings of £5.75.

What could you do in six hours?

Today I recorded and edited a video, wrote a weeks worth of content, responded to two emails and had lunch with my wife.

Now I think that is a far better use of one's time.

Don't run around town to save a few quid, when you can get it all under one roof.

Time is one thing you can NEVER get back.

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